Laser Vein Treatment

Laser Vein Treatment

Laser Vein Treatment services offered in Rockford, IL

If you develop unwanted spider veins, simple solutions can eliminate them. At L’Arte Di Vivere in Rockford, Illinois, experienced physician assistant Leesa Gillooley, PA-C, and her staff offer laser vein treatments and sclerotherapy to restore vein health without invasive procedures. Call the office to learn more, or use the online booking feature today.

Laser Vein Treatment Q & A

What is laser vein treatment?

Laser vein treatment at L’Arte Di Vivere uses Spectrum lasers by Rohrer Aesthetics to eliminate bothersome spider veins. Also known as telangiectasias, spider veins are clusters of blue, purple, or red veins that are visible through the skin. Often caused by aging or genetics, such veins are easily treatable using sclerotherapy (injections) or IPL laser technology.

What are the benefits of laser vein treatment?

The advantages of undergoing laser vein treatments at L’Arte Di Vivere include:

  • Spider vein elimination
  • Even-toned skin
  • Improved complexion 
  • Younger-looking appearance
  • Self-confidence
  • Improved quality of life
  • No pain, surgery, or downtime

These vein procedures are simple and comfortable, without the need for incisions. They restore the appearance and health of treated skin without invasive procedures or the need for extensive downtime. 

Is laser vein treatment right for me?

Your L’Arte Di Vivere provider examines visible spider or varicose veins and reviews your medical history to determine if laser vein treatment or sclerotherapy is right for you. They choose a treatment that’s highly effective and long-lasting based on your individualized needs, preferences, and goals.

What happens during laser vein treatment?

During laser vein treatment, you relax comfortably while your specialist cleans your skin and numbs the treatment area if needed. While you wear special glasses to protect your eyes, they emit laser energy into targeted veins to close and destroy the veins. This allows blood to reroute to healthier veins and the diseased veins to fade and disappear over time. 

If you undergo vein injections, your specialist injects a special solution into a diseased vein, causing it to close and eventually disappear. Your specialist can numb the treatment area first if you’d like to ensure the utmost comfort. 

What should I expect after laser vein treatment?

After laser vein treatment, the affected skin may be temporarily tender, swollen, or red. As the treated veins close, your body absorbs them during the next few weeks and months. You can then expect clear, smooth, even-toned, younger-looking skin and the confidence you desire.

Schedule a laser vein treatment consultation at L’Arte Di Vivere by phone or online today to determine if the procedure is right for you.